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Welcome to the news page to get your fix of whats going on in the world of Ex:Machina game design

29 March 2006
Good news ive managed to scrape together a worthy prize for the winner of the competition.  I can reveal it to be Konami Krazy Racers for the Gameboy Advance.  Check out the Competition page for how to enter and the end date has been extended to 30th April 2006 so game on!

1 March 2006
Finially the wait is over, Here is Ex:Machina Version Deux.  Again Ive spent loads of time on improving this game.  Everything what people had said i have amended and personally I think it has improved ten-fold.  Id list all the updates but we would be here all day so just download it and see for yourself.  Again please submit all your comments in my guest book.  In addition I have created a leaderboard page which will display the top ten highscores, see the page on how to submit your own highscore.  Also its my pleasure to announce a competition.  Another web page has been created displayng all the details.  I really do hope you all enjoy it all as thats why Im doing what im doing.  Peace out!

11 February 2006
So this is my first news entry as Ive been working quite alot on the game and though it be kind to keep people up to date (if anyone actually visits here).  So as you know the story so far is I have created a game called Ex:Machina and had some nice comments from people including a 6 out of 10 rating at homebrewreview.  Then I was in two minds wether to make a new game from scratch or improve Ex:Machina.  I decided on improving my origional game as I wanted to show people a commitment and I really want my first game I created to be something special.  So I have taken everything into account what people said about my first attempt and improved these to the best of my ability.  You still have a chance to alter the game though as im still open to comments from people.  The improvemnts so far are: a faster pace of play, better indication of an attack, less hits to kill the opponent, a combo system, better visuals, high scores and tweaking of most aspects.  Im still working though and as soon as im finished i will submit the game on this site.  So keep your ear to the ground!  And dont forget to get your comments in!

Thank you for visiting!